September 20, 2011

Weekly Confessional - Blogging Woes

With the slow pace of summer behind us and the busy pace of Fall upon our backs it's easy to get caught up in unnecessary blog-related anxiety. When we make that transition into Fall we're told that blogging stats go back up from the decline of the summer but sometimes that isn't always the case. For instance, my stats are the lowest right now than they have been in over a year, yet I have more followers than I did last year. Which has left me confused to say the least. I get so caught up in worrying about every little thing, whether it's about the number of views I'm receiving, how many comments I get or if I'm going to get a nasty email this week. I will say that with less traffic, currently, I'm not getting any nasty emails or comments. Even my spam comments have declined. It's a trade-off I suppose. In order to help myslef shed some of my blogging woes I'm going to focus on this little list.

1. Try not to stress over not receiving a lot of comments
2. Don't fixate on the number of followers you have
3. Don't accept a promotional offer that doesn't fit your readership or the style of your blog
4. Don't get hung up on people not responding to your comments
5. Be true to yourself

Man, blogging can be tough.

[eye roll]

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The Manager said...
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Anonymous said...

I think you have a nice, healthy attitude about this blogging lark. Hey...whenever you feel down about your followers, lack of comments, etc, just have a look at my stats and your spirits shall lift, LIFT I tells ye!
(P.S. Sorry about that previous comment. I was logged in with the wrong effing ID!)

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks Casey - I appreciate that. I just need to not get so caught up in the BS. I have the BEST followers who's comments mean the most to me. That sounds cheesy, I guess, but it's true and that should be all that matters.

and It is!!!!!

no big deal about the other comment - it happens

Kristen said...

Who has been sending you nasty e-mails!? I'll kick their asses! (okay, not really. I'm actually kind of a wimp.)

It is really hard not to get caught up in all the stats and everything! I know I'm not so good at keeping up with commenting and stuff.

I'm always here. If you start feeling bad, just let me know and I'll tell how much I adore you!!

Anika said...

It's so weird. Do you remember starting your blog and being cool with the fact that it was probably just for you? I know what you mean...and it is important to remember to just do what you do. I think that having followers feels great but in the end, does it affect what you write about? The comment thing is kind of a biggy too because it feels like we write for ourselves sometimes...but for me at least, that's how I started it and what I remind myself it needs to be about. And you know, some of my favorite bloggers with thousands of followers only get a comment here and there. You probably know all this already but like you,I know it's nice to hear how people are into what you have to say. I love visiting here and think you are awesome.

Carrie said...

Having just this moment (well, mere moments ago, via Oh Honestly Erin: your DIY Halloween stuff IS awesome!) discovered your blog for the first time, I read your About page (usually my first stop) and snorted to myself at the line where you say you would still write your blog even if no one read it.

I snorted because I thought "sounds like someone who probably has a shitload of followers/readers...."... and then I came across this post -- which confirms that you must have a crapload of hits: hate mail and promo offers are a good indicator of popularity (yep, I'm reel smrt).

So -- if absolutely NO ONE was reading, would you seriously continue? I know, I know, that's an asshole question, because it's impossible to predict the future. (Also because I probably sound like an asshole because of the aforementioned snort and my overuse of parenthetical phrases/sentences.)

It's a lovely thought -- creating for the sake of creation -- but if you kept on producing the same amount of output, while watching your stats dwindle and die, I bet there's a very good chance you would stop.

Maybe not though. I love the idea of people creating and making just because. But there is something about that outside validation thing that keeps us going, not just creatively, but going in general -- Anika put it more succinctly: it's nice to hear how people are into what you have to say.