September 8, 2011

My 911 Memory

I wasn't directly affected by what happened ten years ago when those assholes (there really isn't a better word to call them) flew the planes in to the Twin Towers. But I remember exactly where I was and what went through my mind when it happened. Ten years later my memory hasn't faded much.

I was managing a restaurant that morning, helping our cooks prepare for the day before opening our doors. The usual morning routine. My mom called me that morning after the first plane had hit to tell me to turn on the news. I turned on the television just as the second plane hit. The station I was watching was freaking out because they were witnessing it as it was happening while trying to remain composed. It was surreal watching it hit. I was a bit confused because I thought for a moment it was a replay but quickly realized it wasn't. My mom and I were pretty emotional as we stayed on the phone together for awhile longer. While I don't remember our exact conversation I remember feeling horror. I just wanted to go home. I stood there staring at the television screen with the other two cooks. We were all in complete shock and utterly speechless. That day at work was so slow. We kept the news on all day instead of the usual ESPN. Every patron that came in was quiet and a bit pale-faced. It felt like I was at work for an eternity that day. I remember going home and hanging up a flag.

I now work for a company who was directly impacted by the terror that happened that day. Our NY office was located in the Twin Towers. We lost 97 employees that day. I have heard some bone chilling stories from a few of those that had survived that day. One person turned their car around mid-commute on their way to work that morning and decided to go back home because of a "feeling". Another was in their office as the first plane hit and decided to leave as they were being told everything was going to be okay. Both trusted their instincts.

Never forget
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wow reading that gave me chills :(