September 5, 2011

Price Upon Request - A coveted fall wardrobe

"Price Upon Request"
There is nothing more infuriating than seeing this in a magazine next to an item that catches my eye. The materialistic side of me just wants it more. There is a particular magazine of which I decided awhile back that I would no longer subscribe to due to their gross detachment from the general public and overuse of including items accompanied by "Price Upon Request". Really? I want to know how much that shit is not be told "You're too poor to buy this, but we put it in here just to make you feel inferior." 

With all that said, I gently step down from my stoop to give you a coveted fall list that I have been salivating over for the past month. Things of which I will never purchase in this lifetime or even the next yet settling on admiring from a far (and some not-so-hard to attain items).

I want a navy blue one of these jackets (I couldn't find a good pic of the navy color)

I just can't help myself with the gold shoes people. I must have them all.
I'm not a big loafer fan but I am dying for these.

It's looking like if I were rich I'd wear black and gold all of the time.

I know, you're thinking "enough with the shiny shoes Brandy"


minnetonka fringe tramper boots - my obsession grows


This fall I'll be sporting a poncho I bought in July that's been dying for me to wear. I'm thinking it needs to drop 30 or so degrees before I attempt that shit. I also have a million skirts to hem that I want to wear and some vintage shirts that need a few alterations that I want to wear as well. Some things I've picked up during a junk hunt or twelve will be showing up in  a post or two. I got some ugly sweaters that I'm in love with. I guess it better get cold this winter. 

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