September 7, 2011

Today's Post-It Note (for the next few weeks)

Call my doctor - same issues once again and I am procrastinating having to deal with it.
Make a dentist appointment - my removable tooth has become a bit more "removable" than I care for. Does your removable tooth give you a hard time too? Am I the only one?
Have oil changed and tires rotated - gotta keep that warranty in tact, ya know? I lease my car because last year I decided that I don't care anymore about owning one. Unless we hit the jackpot, as Tyrone keeps saying we will (this is me sighing and straigt-facing the screen) then I think I'm going to turn my car in once my lease is up and buy an old beater or scooter. I'm so sick of having a car payment. It's funny because I drive my dream car. I drive the car that I've always wanted for years yet now that I have it I don't care anymore. I'd rather be able to rely less on my 9-5 and be able to afford a house some day. I think that means I'm growing up or something.
Make boho feather clip order and send out TONIGHT! - I've been averaging about an order a week. I have no idea if that is good or not but it's good for my little shop and my schedule for now.
Budget - after our vacation I may have climbed into a bottomless hole
Send out a post card for my friend's daughter's school project - anyone else want one while I'm feeling generous?
Paint finger nails - can't decide on something summery (still holding on to Summer) or heading straight to something more vampy for fall - after freezing balls in California (it was much colder on the beach than it was back home) it had me changing my mind on wanting Fall to get here sooner. I want the wardrobe and Halloween but I am not ready for cold weather.
Make more friendship bracelets - I think I finally got Tyrone wanting one especially after I made one for my brother.
Take MIL out for dinner as a Thank You for doggy sitting Frederick while we were away
Return The Walking Dead then cancel Netflix subscription - we just finished this show and I loved it. I wish we had cable so that I could watch the next season that starts in October. I hear the season premiere is going to be 90 minutes long. Netflix was nice for the short time we had it but I think we're over it now so I'm going to cancel it.
BLOG the shit out this place - once our Internet is working (which may not be for awhile) I'm going to schedule an oversized ass load of posts out of this place. Until then you'll have to deal with posts from my phone. I have junk hunts, DIY's and tons of photos to show you all.
Take pics of Halloween costumes - now that they are all planned out I can start dressing up and taking pictures. This is my all time fantasy. I get to indulge in dress up like any girl loves to do and then take pictures of myself which any self-involved nut-job loves to do. Yeay for being a nut-job!

You know what I don't have to do? Clean. Yes that is right I think for the first time in my entire adulthood existence I can say that my house is clean. All of the cleaning I bitched about having to do a few weeks ago got done. (grammatically I realize that sounds awful but I'm not sure how to fix it at the moment.) It won't last long but I did make sure to do this before we went on vacation so that we wouldn't have to come to a messy house. Major bonus points for me.
{This post brought to you by magic. The magic, fairy blog poster.}


Anika said...

the walking dead is quite an amazing show isn't it??? I watched most of it standing up pacing. Welcome back to routine. I am feeling the same feeling of wanting more vacation and being inundated with the amount of things on my to-do list. I'm just ignoring many of them and pretending I still have a reasonable excuse to ignore everything.

J said...

Oh man, my removable tooth is a pain in my ass. I totally get that.

Also? I would like a postcard *and* a friendship bracelet. Is that doable?