October 19, 2010

Bonus edition Weekly Confessional

I don't read some people's blogs because their tweets bore the hell out of me. Is that wrong?
Also, I think my pants are ready to split down the side.
There is also this one blog that I wish so badly I had the balls to call out on here that I can't stand yet I DON'T STOP READING IT. It is a super popular blog too. Oh Gawd!! The girl that writes it drives me crazy but I love the way she dresses so I keep it in the reader. I read it, then I get all annoyed and shit, and then read it again the following week. Wuh?
Don't worry, I don't even understand my logic at times.


Anonymous said...

So it's kinda like watching Jersey Shore then.......... lol.........

Kristen said...

As long as it isn't my blog and tweets!! I think I'm interesting. I'll admit sometimes I'm boring.

I feel that way too. I only read about 4 of the 30+ blogs I'm subscribed to.

Angela said...

Hopefully it isn't my tweets that are boring you!
I do the same thing when it comes to certain people's blogs/tweets. There's currently one girl that always talks bad about her boyfriend and all I want to do is scream "BREAK UP WITH HIM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!"
Yet I never do, and I get all frustrated with her tweets and I never unfollow her. What the what?

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

beleive me its not anyones blog or tweets that read my blog.

it is def like watching jersey shore. i can answer that even though i havent seen it....haha

B said...

i knew it couldn't be me. no one likes the way i dress and aside from that i'm the most sporadic blogger eva.

but i have a couple of guesses who it might be...maybe not, either way i have blogs like that i read. total train wrecks.


OMG you just made me feel not so weird! This chick that is a "friend" of mine I cant stand her for shit!...but I cant stop hanging out with her because of the way she does her makeup! I always sit by and watch her when we get ready for the club...so I can steal her tips and move the hell on lol

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Must know who the popular blogger is!

For me, it's this uber-Christian blogger who somehow has a mass following (she is soooo boring, but has a ton of kids so I guess that's appealing to people). Someone started a 'without pity' version of her blog and it always sucks me in because they catch her in so many lies.

Yay drama!