October 25, 2010

Purple Bottle Caps

I woke up Sunday morning in the best mood. It was definitely because of the dream I just had. I have not bee able to stop thinking about it since. I dreamt that I was best friends with the homosexual couple from Modern Family. We hung out in Vegas wherein we slid down a slip and slide off the top of the Luxor and swam in their pool with pink arm floaties. Of course they were pink, although thinking about it now I don't understand why there weren't purple. We drove around California and made of the freaks on Sunset Blvd, good luck would have it that one of them was Tom Cruise. He just smiled that million dollar smile at us as we drove by mocking him. Man, nothing can shake that guy.
Our last stop was at this ran down carnival where there wasn't a carni working in sight. What I remember was walking around the carnival grounds and finding these really cool, shiny, purple bottle caps and picking them up and putting them in my pockets. (I do this in real life, collect bottle caps, and then later the next day I had a thought that I needed to grab those out of my pocket but then I remembered it was a dream and was instantly saddened.) I also remember running around with Cam (you know the chubby gay guy off of the show?) trying to race him up this giant Skee-ball trying to avoid the wholes where the balls usually fall into. I think we were the actual balls in this dream. I was definitely terrified of them. The wholes. I did not want to fall into one because I feared there would be an evil clown awaiting my sudden arrival like a brand new box of red squeaky noses fell from the sky except he wouldn't put me on his nose he would cut my ribs out and play chopsticks with them.

That was a strange tangent.

Moving on, why I woke up so happy was because I made the bestest of friends with Cam. I think I even developed a little crush on him because every time he gave me a hug I felt as if it were the Easter Bunny making all of my problems fade away with every fluffy squeeze. It felt way too good. I woke up smiling and wanting to go back to hanging out with my new girlfriend so we could get pedicures together and gossip about Lindsay Lohan.


It felt way too real and vivid. You ever have those dreams?

Dream side note:

You ever see one of your co-workers at work one morning and think to yourself, I totally had a dream about you last night.

I've never done that.


Anika said...

Whoa. That's awesome.

Jennifer @ Muse Lodge said...

I love that show...Cam's my favorite. I had a dream the other night and I still feel like it really happened. I'm glad it was only a dream because it wasn't a good one.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

It seems Cam has some magical powers over women which is sort of ironic considering his sexual preferences...or maybe he's just the girlfriend we all wish we had.