October 21, 2010

Conversation with a stranger

Stranger: Hi (tries to make eye contact)

Me: (trying to avoid eye contact mumbles hello)

Stranger: You have kids right?

(Wuh? That's your first question?)

Me: (pauses) Yep, one.

Stranger: Boy or girl?

Me: Boy

Stranger: What's his name?

Me: Frederick

Stranger: That's a mature name.

Me: Thanks??

Stranger: What school does he go to?

Me: (wondering what else this ballsy jackass assumes about me)


He's home schooled.
(technically he is)

Stranger: Does he have any friends?

Me: (Oh dear Gawd! I am going to really mess with this person) Yes he does in fact their names are Mr. Bo Jangles, Snickers, Duke, Patches and Rizzo. And he gets to play fetch with them on days when he doesn't get into the garbage.

Strangers: Those are odd names.

(I finally walked off laughing)
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Kristen said...

Niiiice... The home schooling was a nice touch. Thanks for spicing up my incredibly drab morning!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Jennifer @ Muse Lodge said...

Hilarious!! People ask some crazy questions!

mom said...

freakin halaaaarriious!!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks everyone!