October 18, 2010

Tonight's Dinner

We had our Franklin's Flashy Black Bean Burgers tonight for dinner and we added swiss cheese to them. It was so good! They don't look like much but they are delicious and very quick to make when you need something fast. Tyrone enjoyed his favorite, a Guiness and me an Izze, sparkling grapefruit is my favorite.

Tonight we ran some errands and was only suppose to be gone for a little while. I swear that never is the case, we ended up being gone all night. I hate that and on a Monday after a long day at work is no fun.

I can't wait for Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Hola senorita! I was just wondering what kind of spirits you liked? ............. I do strongly recommend a well spirited Tequila, it goes by the name of "el Jimador"! Named after the great men who discovered and then farm the great agave cactus from which this great spirit is derived from!! If not i also dig the mormon owned tequila "Vida Tequila"!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

i just might have to try those but bad things happen i drink tequila. it use to be tyrones fav drink but he can hardly keep it down these dags