October 11, 2010

It's my party

and I'll do what I want!!!

[Warning: This is a heavy self-involved post. But isn't that what blogging is all about?]

That has been the theme of the month so far. This weekend it was all about me and I feel very spoiled now that it is over. My husband did way more than expected, in fact he went over the top with such nice gifts. And since we don't pay our bills I don't feel guilty in the slightest bit.

My mom spent most of my actual birthday with me and took me shopping. She got me some shoes and a really cute skirt. I felt like a kid the entire day! She really made me feel special. Thanks Daisy! Later in the evening after Tyrone and my dad got off of work my parents took us to the Cheesecake Factory. I died and gone to Never, Never Land! I don't think I have stopped eating since Thursday night.

Saturday evening we had some family and my best friend over for some appetizers and cake AND cookies! I made my own birthday...Yes, I know! How dare I?? I wanted to do it. I made a carrot cake out of the classic better homes cook book. It was deeelicous! Yes, it's gone. I finished that bitch off after everyone left! My MIL crotched the nicest blanker for me. I thought the one she made for Tyrone was nice but mine is BETTER!!! I love it! It's beautiful purple, teal and fuscia and made with the softest yarn.  My BESTIE brought me a copy of Martha's latest Halloween book which I almost bought recently but ended up putting it back on the shelf. She knows me too well.

All in all it was really lovely and I didn't want it to end. Here are some random pics from the whole weekend.

My Top Model Mommy!

Red Velvet Cheesecake - I had a slight orgasm while I ate it

These shoes are a funny story. I told my mom they were what I wanted and she said OK but was hating every minute of it as she was paying for GOLD shoes. Haha!

These do NOT taste any different than a regular Blue Moon, good, but not pumpkin flavored at all

I bought this for the label only, but it turned out pretty good. My brother brought me a really nice bottle of Chardonnay that was REALLY good!


He won't look at the camera just to spite me.

Totally dominated my new blanket

Made these from a recipe out of this book. They are so gooood.

Want to make your own? Try this DIY!

If you can't tell I played around with the new photo apps on my phone. I thought I would have to get an iPhone to experience awesome photo apps but I was wrong. I got the droid2 and am now thinking of having it surgically attached to my person.


The Bipolar Diva said...

Such fun pics! And SO NOT nice to post a pic of red velvet cheesecake!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I enjoy torturing my readers...thanks bipolar diva!!!

Anonymous said...

So the driod is worth the hype then huh? I been hanging on to my blackberry for the last few years purchasing a new one every 6 mos, hoping that steve jobs would stop being an asshole and sell his shit to verizon!! in the meantime i wont buy the droid cuz in my mind(the iphone is the epitimy of all phones), and with that thought stuck in my head.............. Everyone else is enjoying the driod praising its glory, while me and my bb envy the other kids in the schoolyard!! sorry.......... i was asking, do you recommend the droid?

mommy loves u said...

now i need some of the fab carrott cake , NOW please!!!!! xoxoxo did you mention cat the dvd you got hehehehehe

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I was holding out for Verizon to get the iphone too but am so glad my husband talked me into getting a droid. I think they are pretty incredible. Definitely would recommend getting one!

Jennikunz said...

Carrot cake was RAD! I enjoyed my slice very much. I had a dream about Deb's blanket and am thinking about asking her for the pattern. It would only take me a year to make, but I'm thinking it's worth it. The cookies I brought home were eaten before I even woke up the next morning (should have hid them better) Thanks for having and making your party....I like to get out of my house every now and again! Glad you ha a good bday week!! LOVE YOUR FACE AND GUTS AND EVERYTHING ELSE.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Gawd!! I love ya Jennikunz!! Thanks for coming!