October 5, 2010

Tokyo snap shots, macaroni and cheese and carrot cake

welcome back to random tuesdays hosted by The Un-Mom
Today I sit at work daydreaming about this weekend and how tomorrow is my FRIDAY! I took Thur & Fri off as a birthday gift to myself from myself or from my employer if you want to be technical but I'd rather not give them any credit.
I want carrot cake this saturday and to watch scary movies and hang out with close friends and family.
I've been longing for a trip to Japan just to take photos of the culture. That is random if I do say so myself.
I sort of made a skirt last night which turned out pretty cute. It's purple with pockets and teal lace trim. You know like those tank tops I so love very much.
Tonight I hope to turn some of my wide leg jeans into skinny jeans (I found a really easy tutorial)

yesterday I had to give Tyrone a ride to work to Pleasant Grove at 5:45 AM I wanted to die.

notice I mentioned nothing about macaroni and cheese even though it's in the title
Since I'm still sort of brain dead I think I'll leave it at that today.
Last week's Random Tuesday if you feel like reading it. Or this funny story.

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