October 30, 2010

grave digger

this is the front yard of my "bestie"

isn't the skeletor grave hilarious? i love it

this grave is located in the SLC cemetery
my "bestie" recently introduced me to the haunted utah site that talks about it
i need to go check this out for myself now


Jennikunz said...

That headstone gives me the CREEPS!!! But I will totally go with you to check it out!

Angela said...

Years ago, my sisters and I painted our own head stones, and had some funny sayings on them. My Mom still puts them up every year!

The one in the SLC is kind of creepy! Is there a story behind it?

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Jennikinnz lets go!

Angela that sounds awesome about the graves u painted. There is a story about the grave but i have yet to really find out exactly what it is.

Illustrated Ink said...

Yikes! That grave is scary, and I'm positive that I don't want to be a victim of the beast...

Eva said...

ooooh creepy!