October 15, 2010

Junk Hunt

This is something that I've been on the hunt for. I just knew I would find one. Sometimes I just get a feeling about something and I just know it will come my way. I have an instinct about these things. It's like the way a leopard hunts for an antelope or the way a stripper searches for the perfect six inch platforms. I fleetingly eased my longing to visit Germany in finding this german stein.

It says: Keinen Tropfen im Becher mehr which from what I could tell it means Not a drop left in the mug

I also found this. I cried a little and then shed a few real tears when I discovered it didn't work but it was only $1.99 and it has a full case of SX-70 film in it. Now if I can find one that works I would be stoked.

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