October 28, 2010

Fall Fashion

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I shouldn't even post this because I am not the most thrilled about this outfit but it's the only one this week I actually tried on. I wanted to enter this Fall Fashion Week every day hosted by this blog (she is such a cute girl) but work has really taken it out of me so this is as good as I could get.

I'm not ready for a full on fashion pose...as self involved as I am it's actually kind of nerve racking to do.

Okay, the shirt is vintage and I cut the sleeves STRAIGHT off and didn't even hem it. I've done this to a few different things this fall - I am loving it. I will post more about it later. My skirt is thrifted, tights are from Target and my shoes are thrifted t-strap Docs. Oh right the pink shirt underneath is just form Old (news) Navy - good place to get basics.

The looks I got at work from this outfit were priceless.

In other news, I made my zombie flesh tonight for my costume tomorrow at work to go along with my They Will Come Zombie shirt.


E said...

That top...so gorgeous! Love the pattern on it.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks E!

Bevin Albright said...

I love the yellow and pink together. Very pretty!
♥/Bevin @All is Bright

bebe bird beck said...

Cute! I especially love that bottom picture.

Lil Muse Lily said...

i like your color combo. love yellow and pink. and i love your tights!

Sarah said...

I love seeing how people modify thrift store finds - this is totally inspiring!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks everyone!