October 25, 2010

Last Minute DIY - Horned Owl Feather Mask

Need a last minutes idea for this weekend? No? Okay then move on. No wait, come back I need you!! I NEED YOU DON'T LEAVE ME!!

Phew! That was close!

Now this halloween costume (or partial costume) is definitely more on the cutesy, girly side than the They Will Come Zombie costume I posted a few weeks back. Or if you're like my husband you're thinking how incredibly stupid is. I see all sorts of owl crafts and vintage owl goods in Blog Land so I thought I would contribute to to the hoot - hoot!

I think this would go perfectly with this owl costume!

Or if you just need something to cover up that ugly mug of yours this works for that too.

Want to make one? You could change it up and do any variation really! I thought about putting a beak on mine then opted against it. I almost made a kiddie version too but decided against it. I'm all about thinking up things then shooting them right back down.

I think a white owl version would be really cool!! You could also wear this with a cute brown or teal dress and maybe one of these awesome feather hair clips from my shop...eh?

Oh right, did you want to make one? If so, keep reading...

You may need:

Head Band made from an old tee shirt
Hot Glue
Needle & Thread

For the band I cut off the bottom of an old brown tee shirt and fold it in half. It works perfectly as a head band, I've done this a ton and used them for running and what not. If you cut it off and fold it in half it's the perfect width for an average sized head...wait...my head is larger than average so if you have a big head like me it will work perfectly. I can hear Tyrone's voice in my head making all sorts of snide comments right now.

Ha ha, I was doing this in bed while watching SNL. Did you see the I broke my arm skit? It was so funny.

If you don't have a tee shirt to cut up you can use an old head band or elastic to sew into a band. I sewed a few stitches in my tee shirt head band to hold it together.

I took one piece of felt and folded it in half and cut a few inches off of the top. I was left with about a five or six inch square when it was still folded in half. I cut a circle out of it but was very careful not to cut all of the way in order to keep the two circles attached together and then cut out the middle circle. I thought this would look similar to an owl's large round eyes. It kind of does okay?

you could leave it like this. i think i should have

After that I sewed the eyes on to the head band. I just hand stitched it only needed a few stitches. This mask is on the light side so you don't have to worry about it being heavy or falling off. It's made out of feathers and felt for crying out loud, have you ever weighed that shit? I have.

Next up I started glueing the feathers all around the eyes and stuck a few long ones on outside edges to resemble a horned owls horns.


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Behind the Scenes:

This is me telling Tyrone "Just take it from here up! OKAY?" While he's laughing at me. I had to bribe him to get him to take this. I need a fucking tripod!


Jennikunz said...

HOLY SHITBALLS! I am laughing so hard my nostrils are flaring! That last picture is sooooooo freaking funny! Oh priceless!
Super cute mask!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks dooode love your guts!

maskman said...

Great mask an original idea